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Welded  Pipe,Welded Steel Pipe,SSAW Steel Pipe

Cold Crack of Line Pipe Welding

Keywords :Welded Pipe,Welded Steel Pipe,SSAW Steel Pipe        Update : 2017-03-14        View(s) : 1546

Cold crack is a serious flaw which may arise in the process of line pipe welding. Cold cracking generally appears during the cooling process, near the martensitic transformation start temperature Ms point or below the temperature range, and more occurs below 100. Cold cracks can appear immediat...

SSAW steel pipe ,Welded pipe

2017 How is Steel Market Going on?

Keywords :SSAW steel pipe ,Welded pipe        Update : 2017-03-14        View(s) : 1569

The government reported that GDP in 2017 will raise by 6.5%. According to China's economic and industrial structure and downstream industry trends of steel use, China's GDP unit consumption in 2017 will continue to decline. As a member of steel enterprises, Shinestar Holdings Group c...

Leading the Economic Globalization Into A New Era With Open Development

Keywords :        Update : 2017-03-14        View(s) : 1448

Recently, the general secretary xi in the NPC and CPPCC sessions when the review of the Shanghai delegation stressed that China's open door won't shut, insist on all-round opening to the outside world, continue to promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation. As an exc...

Welded  Pipe,Welded Steel Pipe,SSAW Steel Pipe

All About Pipe Bursting

Keywords :Welded Pipe,Welded Steel Pipe,SSAW Steel Pipe        Update : 2017-03-14        View(s) : 1510

Pipe bursting is one of the newest methods to replace a damaged pipe.  It involves a new pipe trailing behind a device pushed through the damaged pipe.  The device  will burst the pipe as it travels along. The welded pipe  trailing behind will replace the burst pipe. ...

Welded  Pipe,SSAW Steel Pipe

China will Become the Important Power of Globalization

Keywords :Welded Pipe,SSAW Steel Pipe        Update : 2017-03-13        View(s) : 1464

In recent years, in view of the globalization challenge and opposition unabated. China as the world's largest developing country and the second largest economy, has become the important force in promoting globalization. As a  welded pipe , seamless stainless tube, piling pi...

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