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 steel pipes

Which chemical elements affect the quality of steel pipes?

Keywords : steel pipes        Update : 2020-04-08        View(s) : 6

(1) Nickel (Ni): Nickel can improve the strength of steel, and can maintain good plasticity and toughness. The influence of several main elements in steel on the properties of steel.   (2) Chromium (Cr): Chromium can significantly improve the strength, hardness and abrasion ...

 stainless steel pipe

Will stainless steel pipe rust?

Keywords : stainless steel pipe        Update : 2020-03-30        View(s) : 118

The susceptibility of stainless steel to rust has a lot to do with the composition of stainless steel. In addition to iron, stainless steel also contains chromium, nickel, aluminum, and silicon. The chromium content of general stainless steel is generally not less than 12%, and the highest even ...

seamless pipe

Manufacturing process of seamless pipe

Keywords :seamless pipe        Update : 2020-03-24        View(s) : 27

Hot rolled seamless tubes are generally produced on automatic tube rolling mills. The solid pipe blank is inspected and removed for surface defects, cut to the required length, centered on the end face of the perforated end of the pipe blank, and then sent to a heating furnace for heating and pe...

seamless pipe

Three advantages of seamless pipe

Keywords :seamless pipe        Update : 2020-03-24        View(s) : 32

1. Corrosion resistance:   Most stainless steel products need good corrosion resistance. Seamless pipes are similar to Type I and II tableware, kitchen appliances, water heaters, water dispensers, etc. Some foreign merchants also perform corrosion resistance tests on the pro...

The difference between hot rolled and cold rolled tubes

The difference between hot rolled and cold rolled tubes

Keywords :hot rolled and cold rolled tubes        Update : 2020-03-20        View(s) : 40

1. Dimensional accuracy: The dimensional accuracy of cold-rolled steel pipe is high. 2. Appearance: The surface of cold-rolled steel pipe is bright, and the surface of hot-rolled steel pipe has obvious scale or red rust.   2. Caliber size: The caliber o...

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