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steel seamless tube

304L stainless steel seamless tube

Keywords :steel seamless tube        Update : 2020-05-15        View(s) : 109

304L stainless steel seamless pipe is the basic steel type of AUSTENITE series. It has excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. It does not harden after heat treatment and has almost no magnetic difference.   304L f...

seamless pipes

How to improve the production efficiency of seamless pipes?

Keywords :seamless pipes        Update : 2020-05-14        View(s) : 100

The first important way to increase the output of seamless tubes is to increase the speed of the tube mill. In order to increase the tube rolling speed, we must first solve the balance method and specific structure of the inertial force and inertial torque of the tube mill stand, the strength an...

Steel casing and its function

Steel casing and its function

Keywords :Steel casing and its function        Update : 2020-05-13        View(s) : 90

Steel casing pipe, also known as encasement pipe, is most commonly used in underground construction to protect utility lines of various types from getting damaged. Such damage might occur due to the elements of nature or human activity.   Steel casing pipe is used in differe...

pipeline pickling

What are the quality requirements for pipeline pickling?

Keywords :pipeline pickling        Update : 2020-05-09        View(s) : 125

After pickling, the rust and oil stains on the inner wall of the pipe are completely eliminated, and the cleanliness should meet the requirements of the relevant standards.   Pickling parts must not be over pickled. If the pipeline is soaked in pickling solution for too long...

galvanized steel pipes

Application of galvanized steel pipe products

Keywords :galvanized steel pipes        Update : 2020-05-08        View(s) : 113

Hot dip galvanized steel pipes are widely used in manufacturing industries such as construction, machinery, coal mines, chemical industry, electric power, railway vehicles, automobile industry, highways, bridges, containers, sports facilities, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, and pro...

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