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What kind of connection is the flange

What kind of connection is the flange

Keywords :What kind of connection is the flange        Update : 2020-10-15        View(s) : 358

Flange connection is an important connection method for pipeline construction. Flange connection is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings, or equipment on a flange plate respectively, add flange pads between the two flange plates, and fasten them together with bolts to complete the...

oil casing

Anti-corrosion countermeasures of oil casing

Keywords :oil casing        Update : 2020-09-30        View(s) : 402

1. First of all, ensure that the water quality meets the standards, and strictly monitor and manage the water quality. Implement cleaning and separate injection, strengthen the cleaning of main water pipelines, ensure that the water quality in the station and the bottom of the well reach the sta...

anti-corrosion pipelines

Precautions for anti-corrosion of buried pipelines

Keywords :anti-corrosion pipelines        Update : 2020-09-29        View(s) : 468

From the overall measurement of material performance, construction, cost, and use effect, epoxy coal tar paint-glass fiber cloth coating is an ideal anti-corrosion method for buried pipelines in urban sewage treatment projects. From the perspective of technical performance, fusion bonded epoxy c...

Oil and gas pipeline

Oil and gas pipeline welding construction technology

Keywords :Oil and gas pipeline        Update : 2020-09-24        View(s) : 386

1.1 Manual welding with cellulose downward electrode When there is a pipeline with severe hydrogen sulfide corrosion or a pipeline operating in a cold environment, use a low-hydrogen type vertical downward welding electrode. Due to the flexibility of manual welding and the low requiremen...

stainless steel clad steel pipe

Welding technology of lining stainless steel clad steel pipe

Keywords :stainless steel clad steel pipe        Update : 2020-09-21        View(s) : 414

The lining stainless steel composite steel pipe (304+Q235B) is a new type of composite pipe, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, high extensibility, and high strength. It is widely used in the process of pipelines of new and expanded petrochemica...

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