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seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Water becomes air conditioner with help of various steel pipes

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe        Update : 2017-11-20        View(s) : 609

The joke of I’m a wolf from north of China and now I’m a dog in south of China would be popular again in south of China nowadays as the cold weather is here in winter. However, with the improvement of technologies even just the upgrade of the seamless steel pipe , it is great as the water i...

seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe

Topic of water pipe with specialized friend

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe        Update : 2017-11-20        View(s) : 595

Admin : Hello, can I help you? Do you need the price quotation of water steel pipe? Sara : How many types of water steel pipe you have? Admin : We have seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe  as well as the SSAW steel pipe for water transportation.   ...

seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe

Research on steel material corrosion and protection in deep ocean

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe        Update : 2017-11-17        View(s) : 585

No doubt that there are lots of treasures under the deep ocean, especially for various gas which are our needed nowadays. However, due to the typical character of deep ocean different from mainland, it is hard to get the treasure out. Thus, requirements for various pipes like seamless steel p...

seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

High quality steel products for preventing accidents

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe        Update : 2017-11-16        View(s) : 568

Earthquake and car accidents seems bad news for us. However, they are here in our daily life. What can we do to reduce the damage to human beings when they are really coming? As manufacturer of steel pipes like seamless steel pipe , Sara has some opinion for it.   First...

seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe

Innovation in advanced technology for steel industry

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe        Update : 2017-11-16        View(s) : 568

In recent years, Shinestar adhering to development strategy of innovation-driven with two core tasks. First, product upgrades and structural adjustment led by technological progress are aimed at releasing the equipment's potential like the ERW steel pipe  production equipment. The seco...

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