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stainless steel pipe fittings

Six processing methods of stainless steel pipe fittings

Keywords :stainless steel pipe fittings        Update : 2020-05-07        View(s) : 99

Stainless steel pipe fittings are a kind of pipe fittings, which are made of stainless steel materials, so they are called stainless steel pipe fittings, which include stainless steel elbows, stainless steel tees, stainless steel spools, stainless steel reducers, stainless steel pipe caps, etc. ...

welded pipe

Preventive measures for cracking of welded pipe

Keywords :welded pipe        Update : 2020-04-30        View(s) : 95

When installing, the welded pipe can be directly welded on the pipeline according to the connection method, and installed according to the position used. Under normal circumstances, it can be installed at any position of the pipeline, but it needs to be easy to check, pay attention to the flow d...

seamless steel tubes

Why are the pipes for industrial boilers all seamless steel tubes?

Keywords :seamless steel tubes        Update : 2020-04-29        View(s) : 100

The pipes for industrial boilers are mainly seamless steel pipes, because the performance indexes of seamless steel pipes can fully meet the requirements of boiler applications. Although the cost is high, its safety and reliability are high. The high-temperature and high-pressure equipment of in...

steel pipe

Composition of thermal insulation steel pipe

Keywords :steel pipe        Update : 2020-04-28        View(s) : 93

Insulation pipe is composed of working steel pipe, insulation layer, protective shell, leakage alarm line and so on.   (1) Working steel pipe: According to the technical requirements of the conveying medium, respectively adopts seamed steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, double-...

galvanized steel pipes

Preventive measures for improper connection of galvanized steel pipes

Keywords :galvanized steel pipes        Update : 2020-04-24        View(s) : 128

1. In the selection of pipes, high-quality ones should be selected; through the design specifications and the size of the pipe fittings, the connection method is finally determined. Strict construction should be carried out in accordance with the standard procedures and processes of various conn...

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