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Keywords :grade        Update : 2020-07-03        View(s) : 93

1. Choose the right metal for your operating environment To determine which grade of steel will uphold best in a given environment, think about the conditions your final product will face. Extremely low pH, high stresses and high temperatures, and crevice corrosion negatively impact sta...

steel pipes

Economics of thick-walled steel pipes

Keywords :steel pipes        Update : 2020-07-02        View(s) : 83

steel pipes There are many other structural types of pipe fittings used in actual piping engineering to meet the requirements of various working conditions, especially special working conditions. In engineering design or selection, the higher the strength lev...

Causes of uneven steel tube wall thickness

Causes of uneven steel tube wall thickness

Keywords :steel tube        Update : 2020-07-01        View(s) : 88

1. Uneven spiral wall thickness Causes: Uneven wall thickness of the piercing machine, unequal inclination of the two rolls, or too small amount of reduction in front of the plug. Uneven wall thickness caused by adjustment reasons, generally distributed spirally along the entire length o...

Construction preparation before welding large-diameter steel pipes

Construction preparation before welding large-diameter steel pipes

Keywords :large-diameter steel pipes        Update : 2020-06-28        View(s) : 68

large-diameter steel pipes 1. Organize relevant operators to be familiar with construction drawings, rules and regulations, formulate welding procedures, and prepare welding operation instructions.   2. the welder should carry out the t...

straight seam steel pipes

Straight seam steel pipe induction ring installation

Keywords :Straight seam steel pipe        Update : 2020-06-24        View(s) : 77

S traight seam steel tube high-frequency induction ring should be as close as possible to the position of the squeeze roller. The internal stress of the steel tube is small and evenly distributed, which can effectively prevent stress corrosion cracking, high dimensional accuracy, and easy on-si...

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