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Storage of seamless steel pipes

Storage of seamless steel pipes

Keywords :Storage of seamless steel pipes        Update : 2020-11-18        View(s) : 391

1) The storage site or warehouse of steel should be in a clean place with unobstructed drainage, far away from factories and mines that produce harmful gases or dust. Weeds and all debris should be removed on the field, and the steel should be kept clean;   2) Do not stack w...

Different welding methods for welded steel pipes

Different welding methods for welded steel pipes

Keywords :Different welding methods for welded steel pipes        Update : 2020-11-12        View(s) : 368

Welded steel pipes refer to steel pipes with seams on the surface that are welded after bending and deforming steel strips or steel plates into round or square shapes. The billet used for welded steel pipe is steel plate or strip steel.   According to different welding metho...

Why can't stainless steel pipe and carbon steel pipe be mixed

Why can't stainless steel pipe and carbon steel pipe be mixed

Keywords :Why can't stainless steel pipe and carbon steel pipe be mixed        Update : 2020-11-11        View(s) : 388

The materials of carbon steel pipe and stainless steel pipe are different, and the two cannot be stacked together. At room temperature, when the carbon steel pipe is in contact with the stainless steel pipe, carburization will not occur immediately. The spotted rust on the stainless steel pipe w...

high frequency welded pipe

Skill requirements and inspection of high frequency welded pipe

Keywords :high frequency welded pipe        Update : 2020-11-05        View(s) : 321

The nominal diameter of the welded pipe is 6~150mm, the nominal wall thickness is 2.0~6.0mm, and the length of the welded pipe is generally 4~10 meters, according to the rules of the GB3092 Welded Steel Pipe for Low-Pressure Fluid Conveyance. It can be delivered according to fixed-length or mult...

straight seam steel pipe

Welding technology and production method of large-diameter straight seam steel pipe

Keywords :straight seam steel pipe        Update : 2020-11-04        View(s) : 384

1. Control of the weld gap The strip steel is sent to the welded steel pipe unit, after rolling by multiple rollers, the strip steel is gradually rolled up to form a round tube blank with an open gap, and the reduction of the squeeze roller is adjusted to control the weld gap to 1~3mm, A...

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