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welding galvanized steel pipe

What should be paid attention to when welding galvanized steel pipe?

Keywords :welding galvanized steel pipe        Update : 2020-03-30        View(s) : 297

1. the premise must be polished However, the galvanized layer at the weld must be polished away, otherwise air bubbles, trachoma, and false welding will be generated. It also makes the weld seams brittle and reduces rigidity.   2. the welding characteristic...

How is hot rolled seamless steel pipe tested before leaving the factory?

How is hot rolled seamless steel pipe tested before leaving the factory?

Keywords :hot rolled seamless steel pipe        Update : 2020-03-16        View(s) : 205

After the seamless steel tube is completed, it is necessary to consider delivery, distribution, testing and other issues. Compared with the specific production links, these parts seem innocuous, but they play a vital role. It can be said that they cannot be ignore. Weighing...

Hot-dip galvanizing 10 questions (2)

Keywords :        Update : 2020-01-10        View(s) : 1

[6]Q: What are the main reasons for the zinc layer to fall off? A: The zinc layer has poor adhesion, and the zinc layer falls off in the area of severe deformation during stamping. Countermeasures: Ensure that the hot-dip galvanizing process is normal; reasonable ...

What causes the zinc consumption of stainless steel welded wire mesh to increase

Keywords :        Update : 2020-01-09        View(s) : 219

After the production of stainless steel welded wire mesh is completed, the hot-dip galvanizing process is usually used to improve the corrosion resistance. However, there are many factors in this process leading to a significant increase in zinc consumption, which needs to be improved. 1...

Hot-dip galvanizing 10 questions (1)

Keywords :        Update : 2020-01-08        View(s) : 256

[1] Q:What is the main use of hot-dip galvanized sheet? A: Hot-dip galvanized sheet is mainly used in construction, home appliances, automobiles, machinery, electronics, light industry and other industries. [2] Q:What types of galvanizing methods are currently in the world? ...

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