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china steel,carbon steel pipe.lsaw steel pipe

China Crude Steel Daily Output Hits New Record in June

Keywords :china steel,carbon steel pipe.lsaw steel pipe        Update : 2017-07-21        View(s) : 52

We are a professional manufacturer of ssaw steel pipe, carbon steel pipe ,erw steel pipe, lsaw steel pipe and other products.According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics,China produced 73.23 million tonnes of crude steel in June, up 5.7 per cent on a yearly basis, and YTD out...

Oil and Gas Show,SSAW Steel pipe,seamless steel pipe

Oil and Gas Sector Remains Resilient

Keywords :Oil and Gas Show,SSAW Steel pipe,seamless steel pipe        Update : 2017-07-14        View(s) : 64

The deputy prime minister of Kuala Lumpur pointed out that 2016 is a difficult year for oil and gas, and 2017 is the year that the sector is heading for recovery.Despite the turmoil of the past year, the oil and gas sector remains incredibly flexible.In this trend, there are still many opportuni...

spiral steel pipe,ssaw steel pipe,spiral welded pipe,

The G20 Summit Agreed on Free Trade

Keywords :spiral steel pipe,ssaw steel pipe,spiral welded pipe,        Update : 2017-07-13        View(s) : 75

The two-day summit of the group of twenty (G20) leaders in Hamburg closed at 8 local time.The US President Trump's "America first" position has made negotiations difficult and divided G20 on some issues.But in the efforts of all parties, the Hamburg summit reached "the leaders of the group ...

Seamlesssteel pipe,ssaw steel pipe,erw steel pipe

In What Areas can China and Britain Cooperate?

Keywords :Seamlesssteel pipe,ssaw steel pipe,erw steel pipe        Update : 2017-07-10        View(s) : 80

Recently, the legal adviser to the queen of England and Matrix Chambers lawyers group senior adviser to Lord Brennan, published views on the Sino British economic relations.As the ERW steel pipe, LSAW pipe, ssaw steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, excellent production services.Today, shinestar and ...

carbon steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe,spiral steel pipe,seamless steel pipe

Devaluation of RMB is Expected to Continue to Weaken in the Second Half of the Year

Keywords :carbon steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe,spiral steel pipe,seamless steel pipe        Update : 2017-07-03        View(s) : 114

In the first half of 2017, the market's benchmark forecast is a far cry from the beginning of the year. The most dramatic change in expectations is the renminbi's exchange rate and the fed's tightening pace. At the beginning of the year it was widely believed that the yuan would break se...

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