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Flanges, weld neck flange, steel pipe flange

Flange connection

Keywords :Flanges, weld neck flange, steel pipe flange        Update : 2019-04-29        View(s) : 125

(1) Standard flanges shall be selected according to engineering design requirements and data. (2) The diameter and length of the connecting bolts should meet the requirements of the code. After the bolts are tightened, the exposed thread buckles should be 2~3 buckles, a...

spiral steel pipe, ssaw steel pipe, spiral welded pipes

What are the production processes of spiral steel pipe?

Keywords :spiral steel pipe, ssaw steel pipe, spiral welded pipes        Update : 2019-04-26        View(s) : 91

The spiral steel pipe feeds the strip steel into the welded pipe unit. After rolling through multiple rolls, the strip is gradually rolled up to form a circular tube blank with an open gap. The reduction of the pressing roll is adjusted to control the weld gap in 1~ 3mm and make the ends...

seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipes, smls pipes

What is the seamless steel pipe material 20#?

Keywords :seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipes, smls pipes        Update : 2019-04-25        View(s) : 63

20#  seamless steel pipe is made of steel ingot or solid tube blank through perforation, and then made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing. The raw material for rolling 20 tube seamless pipe is round tube blank. The round tube embryo is cut into a blank of about 1 meter in l...

stainless steel pipes, ss pipe, stainless tube

What are the uses of stainless steel pipes of different materials?

Keywords :stainless steel pipes, ss pipe, stainless tube        Update : 2019-04-24        View(s) : 63

1. 201 stainless steel tube corrosion resistance is general, mostly decorative tubes, like stainless steel guardrails, stainless steel handrails, stainless steel security windows, etc. are basically 201 material. 2. 304 stainless steel tube has strong corrosion resistance...

spiral steel pipe, welded steel pipe, spiral welded pipe

What is the standard for spiral steel pipe used in sewage treatment plants?

Keywords :spiral steel pipe, welded steel pipe, spiral welded pipe        Update : 2019-04-19        View(s) : 65

Spiral steel pipe for sewage treatment plant is made of SY/T 5037-2012 "Submerged arc welded steel pipe for common fluid conveying pipeline", which is made of double-sided automatic submerged arc welding or single-sided welding for water, gas, air and steam.   C...

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