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seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Role of preheating in ERW steel pipe production

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe        Update : 2017-12-01        View(s) : 525

Why do manufacturers of ERW steel pipe  need the process of preheating for steel pipe's production? When do suppliers need to preheat before welding? Which preheating method would be the correct one? Read on.   Why ? Preheating would be a crucial step in lots of w...

seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Thanks for your sincere inquiry of steel pipes

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe        Update : 2017-11-30        View(s) : 552

It would make steel pipe supplier happy for the whole day if they can see the inquiry on the website background at morning. This happiness is here for ERW steel pipe  provider Sara today.   However, we should know that an effective and high quality inquiry would co...

seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Every kind of steel pipe is special not handicapped

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe        Update : 2017-11-29        View(s) : 535

The famous saying coming from Edward Scissorhands says that never let anyone tell you you’re handicapped, you’re...special. For every kind of steel pipe such as seamless steel pipe , ERW steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe and so on, they are perfect not handicapped.   Seamless...

seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Today I will be the master of my steel pipe

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe        Update : 2017-11-28        View(s) : 667

The tides advance; the tides recede. The price up; the price down. Winter goes and summer comes. The customers come and the customer goes. The length long, the length short. All things is a circle of moods and I'm a part of nature and so, like the tides and price, my moods will rise; my moods wi...

seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Testing device for steel pipe

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe        Update : 2017-11-27        View(s) : 604

An automatic hydrostatic testing device suitable for piping and casing is introduced to Sara recently by one of my friends who have worked in steel pipes industry for almost ten years. And as supplier of steel pipes, like seamless steel pipe  now, I’ve figured out how important to have...

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