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Features of submerged arc steel pipe

Features of submerged arc steel pipe

Keywords :submerged arc steel pipe        Update : 2020-08-21        View(s) : 419

1. The welding process adopted by submerged arc steel pipe is submerged arc welding technology, which uses filler welding and particle protection flux submerged arc.   2. The production process of submerged arc steel pipe includes JCOE forming technology and coil forming sub...

Types and uses of welded steel pipes

Types and uses of welded steel pipes

Keywords :welded steel pipes        Update : 2020-08-20        View(s) : 333

1. Welded steel pipe for low-pressure fluid transportation is also called a general welded pipe, commonly known as clarinet. It is a welded steel pipe for conveying water, gas, air, oil and heating steam, and other generally lower pressure fluids and other purposes.   2. G...

Oil and Gas Drilling Collapse Deepens in July

Oil and Gas Drilling Collapse Deepens in July

Keywords :Oil and Gas Drilling Collapse Deepens in July        Update : 2020-08-18        View(s) : 287

The number of rigs drilling for oil and gas set a fresh record low in July, as activity continues to collapse outside of North America.   The Baker Hughes worldwide rig count dropped by 43 to 1,030 in monthly data, with regions beyond the U.S. and Canada accounting for almos...

Oil Prices Get Boost

Oil Prices Get Boost from Stronger US Equities

Keywords :Oil Prices Get Boost        Update : 2020-07-31        View(s) : 341

Oil edged up with support from U.S. equities, but pandemic-driven demand concerns capped the price rebound.   Crude futures of New York managed to close 0.5% higher on Monday, boosted by a stronger equity market. Still, the coronavirus is raging about the globe -...

steel pipes fittings

How to install stainless steel pipes fittings

Keywords :steel pipes fittings        Update : 2020-07-30        View(s) : 316

1. The arc starting of stainless steel pipe fittings adopts the re-welding method, and the arc closing adopts the method of full arc craters. The arc starting should be completed in the slope, and the arcing and starting of the arc on the surface of the pipe and the pipe fitting bus bars shoul...

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