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dredging and cleaning of pipeline

What is the difference between dredging and cleaning of pipeline?

Keywords :dredging and cleaning of pipeline        Update : 2020-05-28        View(s) : 104

As the name implies, pipeline dredging is to dredge the inside of a blocked pipeline through certain professional equipment. The pipeline cleaning can be to clean the surface of the pipeline, or use a high-pressure water gun to clean the inside of the pipeline.   ...

China Petroleum Pipeline

China Petroleum Pipeline achieves new benefits

Keywords :China Petroleum Pipeline        Update : 2020-05-26        View(s) : 146

From January to April this year, China National Petroleum Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of PetroChina, achieved a profit of 505 million yuan through measures such as increasing transmission, reducing costs, controlling fees, and reducing taxes.   The CNPC pipeline promotes ...

 HFW steel pipe

Advantages of HFW steel pipe

Keywords : HFW steel pipe        Update : 2020-05-22        View(s) : 106

Straight seam high-frequency resistance welded steel pipes have been continuously improved due to technological advancement in the past ten years, so that their application range has been rapidly expanded. Its main advantages are:   a. Straight seam high-frequency resistance...

China steel futures extend gains on firm demand, trade optimism

China steel futures extend gains on firm demand, trade optimism

Keywords :China steel futures        Update : 2020-05-21        View(s) : 150

Construction rebar and hot-rolled coil futures in China rose for the seventh straight session on Tuesday, boosted by firm consumption outlook even as data showed that the country reported a sharp drop in factory gate prices last month.   The October contract of rebar on the ...

Mechanical properties of large-diameter steel pipes

Mechanical properties of large-diameter steel pipes

Keywords :large-diameter steel pipes        Update : 2020-05-20        View(s) : 127

1. Tensile strength The stress (σ) obtained by dividing the strong force (Fb) at the time of breaking by the original cross-sectional area (So) of the sample is called the tensile strength (σb), and the unit is N / mm2 (MPa). It represents the ability of metal materials to resist destruc...

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