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insulation pipes

Double-layer anti-oxygen insulation pipe

Keywords :insulation pipes        Update : 2020-06-11        View(s) : 86

As the name implies, the double-layer anti-oxidation insulation pipe is a double-layer insulation pipe that can resist oxygen. In recent years, with the implementation of thermal pipelines and the West-East Gas Transmission Project and the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the insulation...

Industrial use of welded pipes

Industrial use of welded pipes

Keywords :welded pipes        Update : 2020-06-10        View(s) : 98

1. Galvanized welded steel pipe for low-pressure fluid transportation. Mainly used for conveying water, gas, air, oil, heating hot water or steam and other generally lower pressure fluids and other uses.   2. Large diameter electric welding steel pipe for low pressure flui...

hick-walled steel pipes

Characteristic of fake and inferior thick-walled steel pipes

Keywords :hick-walled steel pipes        Update : 2020-06-05        View(s) : 121

1. Easy to fold.   2. The appearance is often numb.   3. The surface of the steel pipe is prone to scars.   4. The surface of fake and inferior materials is prone to cracks.   5. Steel pipes are easily scratche...

Thick-walled Steel Pipe

How To Heat Treat Seamless Small-diameter Thick-walled Steel Pipe?

Keywords :Thick-walled Steel Pipe        Update : 2020-06-04        View(s) : 95

1. Over-eutectoid steel normalizing heating, so that the original mesh-like cementite is dissolved into austenite, and then cooled at a faster rate to inhibit the precipitation of cementite in the austenite grain boundary , which can eliminate the network carbide and improve the struct...

plastic coated pipes

Advantages of plastic coated pipes

Keywords :plastic coated pipes        Update : 2020-06-03        View(s) : 114

Advantages of plastic coated pipes 1. Adapt to buried and humid environment, and can withstand high temperature and extremely low temperature.   2. Strong anti-interference ability, if the plastic-coated steel pipe is used as the cable sleeve, it can effect...

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