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seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe,spiral steel pipe

Two main methods for preheating in welded steel pipe production

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,lsaw steel pipe,spiral steel pipe        Update : 2017-12-04        View(s) : 475

It is time for us to start the preheat since manufacturers have known the benefits of preheating for welded steel pipe like the ERW steel pipe . There are two main methods for customers to get today.   Common method is preheating with an open flame from a torch . This ...

seamless steel pipe, steel pipe, spiral welded pipe

Application prospect of spiral welded pipe

Keywords :seamless steel pipe, steel pipe, spiral welded pipe        Update : 2017-12-03        View(s) : 496

New houses have mushroomed on the edge of the town and new suburbs burgeoned all around the city. At the same time, we can see the application prospect of the spiral welded pipe  with those expansion of engineering project.   Why spiral welded pipe? Due to its safe...

seamless steel pipe, spiral welded pipe

Pipe for smoking or for music or for building construction

Keywords :seamless steel pipe, spiral welded pipe        Update : 2017-12-02        View(s) : 458

Words have magic power or you can say they are mysterious for us. For example, do you know the meaning of pipe in English? Sara can say that it is a stuff for my grandfather’s smoking; Sara can also say that it is a little thing for music using. Of course, Sara can even say that it is used in bu...

seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Role of preheating in ERW steel pipe production

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe        Update : 2017-12-01        View(s) : 467

Why do manufacturers of ERW steel pipe  need the process of preheating for steel pipe's production? When do suppliers need to preheat before welding? Which preheating method would be the correct one? Read on.   Why ? Preheating would be a crucial step in lots of w...

seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Thanks for your sincere inquiry of steel pipes

Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe        Update : 2017-11-30        View(s) : 495

It would make steel pipe supplier happy for the whole day if they can see the inquiry on the website background at morning. This happiness is here for ERW steel pipe  provider Sara today.   However, we should know that an effective and high quality inquiry would co...

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