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Piping and Component Materials

Inspection of Piping and Component Materials

Keywords :Piping and Component Materials        Update : 2020-07-29        View(s) : 459

Piping and Component Materials 1. Material purchased is from the client approved manufacturer or vendor 2. Material specification, grade, thickness, size. 3. Any mechanical damages. 4. Heat numbers provided before the materials are matching w...


Analysis of pipeline corrosion

Keywords :pipeline        Update : 2020-07-24        View(s) : 440

There are two main types of pipeline corrosion: internal corrosion and external corrosion.   External corrosion is mainly due to the corrosion caused by the connection with the pipeline material with the external environment such as soil, seawater, atmosphe...

spiral steel pipe

Method to extend the service life of spiral steel pipe

Keywords :spiral steel pipe        Update : 2020-07-23        View(s) : 422

The first thing that should be thought of to extend the service life of a spiral steel pipe is to do its anti-corrosion work, because the pipe is stored outdoors, so it is the easiest to rust due to wind and rain, so it is subject to corrosion. The pipe can be processed during production ...

 seamless steel pipe and welded pipe

What is the difference between seamless steel pipe and welded pipe

Keywords : seamless steel pipe and welded pipe        Update : 2020-07-22        View(s) : 471

The forming process of seamless steel tubes and welded tubes is mainly different.   Welded pipe is the abbreviation for the welded pipe. Welded pipe is a kind of steel pipe made of welded pipe mold. As an important part of steel products, steel p...

What valves are in the pipeline?

What valves are in the pipeline?

Keywords :pipeline        Update : 2020-07-15        View(s) : 539

(1) Shut-off valve : Shut-off valve is also called closed-circuit valve, its role is to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline. Block valves include gate valves, globe valves, plug valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and diaphragms.   (2) Check valve: Check valve i...

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