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 President Speech November 6, 2016,
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President Speech November 6, 2016,

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For the enterprise, customer experience has become a problem about life and death. Ready to attract new customers, improve the old customer loyalty, sales promotion. Do bad to can lead to enterprise sales instant collapse.

The General Manager Talking 

Enterprise is the only sustainable source of competitive advantage to understand customers better. Competitors can copy your products, but there's no way to copy you understanding of the customer. These unique and deep understanding, it is depend on customer experience accumulated. Only to continuous understanding of customer, the enterprise can better meet the needs of customers, also can be the winner in the commercial war of no gunpowder smoke.

Afternoon tea 

How to make your marketing more effective. A, really know your customers create value for customers is the survival of enterprises law, which requires the enterprise customer depth research, a comprehensive understanding of customer information, accurately grasp the customer demand. Truly "I understand you more than you know yourself". So greatly improve customer stickiness, become the fate community solidarity. B, let your company policy to force a man who has a good strategy will immediately go to the execution, and in the process of continuous tracking confirmation, if it is found that deviation from the predetermined target, will adjust as soon as possible, correct implementation content. In order to avoid from the goal more and more far, to waste company resources.

Business forefront

The ten advice to the sales personnel 1, life journey is the road of sales is a kind of social communication, as long as you are dealing with people, have the characteristics of sales. Communication is an important part of the sales, not missing. Sales staff only improve communication ability, can constantly obtain sales performance. 2, don't believe "epictetus epictetus" will not cause you to positive action, but the will only get nothing for free. More often - epictetus is looking for an excuse for their own negative lazy. 3, forget about learning product sales for the product allows you to gather the ability of the sales. You will focus attention on the product, rather than people. Sales is the nature of communication with people, talent is the object communication and sales. 4, change their own comfort zone sales staff should pursue comfort zone has three conditions: a, higher than the status quo, but no way, there is a big possibility. B, the comfort zone can be done through concrete actions. C, it is strongly want to himself. Only set up such a comfort zone, you will have real power to grow. 5, think of yourself as the little most sales personnel at the root of fear of rejection and failure is because too loves her false face. What is the true face, the face is to make performance, become a valuable and powerful people. 6, dare to talk to strangers have kissed the blarney stone is not really that important, successful sales staff is one of the most important ability to "dare to talk to strangers. 7, from listening to start if you are a newcomer, what also don't understand, don't try so hard, the first thing you learn is to wait for anybody else out. 8, do things to ambitious excellent sales staff will take all the energy surrounding to achieve sales targets, person's energy is always limited, so to discern who are worth to you. Put your communication on a man of value. 9, don't superstition skills and talk too much to consider the importance of skills and words, will make you lose the essence of sincere. Let the customer see your trick. And too care about skills will make you fear hands and feet. Especially for the new sales, contact the customer is more important than anything. 10, from mature in looking for a confident not confident people, doing things is not easy to success. Self-confidence is the prerequisite of success. You only have the confidence to oneself, will show in front of customers, natural and graceful have answers, and your confidence will be infected, conquer the consumers, customers will be full of confidence in you.

HR forum

In the work of the biggest challenges facing is how to help the success of the organization to win business. Enterprise no so-called human resources issues, only business problems; Business is strong, strong human resources.

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