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Prevention Method of Oil and Gas Spiral Steel Pipe Corrosion

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Oil and gas spiral steel pipe corrosion means to slow or prevent pipeline in internal and external medium under the action of chemical, electrochemical, or eroded by microbial metabolic activity and metamorphism.
First of all, to prevent third-party damage and oil and gas spiral steel pipe corrosion. Although assumes primary responsibility for third-party damage to subsea pipeline owner, it can not say nothing to do. Many countries of the laying of submarine oil and gas pipelines have stringent industry standards, such as burying insufficient proof would be difficult to provide adequate protection anchors, which requires pipeline owners guidance in strict accordance with industry standards in the laying process, meticulous to achieve adequate protection of the anti-anchor depth, while the laying of the competent authorities to deal with the construction quality oversight of those. In such a shallow Bohai Bay, for example, taking into account the characteristics of the seabed, the water transport density and offshore mechanical range of subsea pipeline damage, Trench should reach 1.5 meters to 2 meters in depth safer.

In addition, the pipeline corrosion cracking rarely cause a large area. You can use the material by regulating, monitoring manufacturing quality, strict control of weld quality and use "smart pig" exploration and other means to reduce accidents caused by corrosion cracking. For operators are demanding underwater inspection, as specific measures of environmental protection commitments.

Secondly, the pipeline owner should strictly enforce regular inspection system, and improve leak detection and monitoring capabilities, improve the level of detection and monitoring equipment. But now, detection systems and devices have their limitations in sensitivity, accuracy, aspects of reliability, operability and continuous detection capability also needs to be improved. For example, the area of rupture  points generated by the corrosion is usually very small, especially in the joints, valves and other connections appear breaking point, overflow rate is not, in quite a long time, there is no clear indication of testing equipment, so many accidents after the occurrence, offshore artificial observation or INMARSAT first discovered. In addition, the owner of the undersea pipelines and gas pipelines should provide all the information, including the laying of coping distance route map, detailed risk segment and the emergency occurred.

In addition, reference subsea oil and gas pipelines history and accident cases internationally, well-planned emergency response is the key to prevention of subsea oil and gas pipeline rupture. Subsea oil and gas pipeline owner must first develop targeted emergency response plan to ensure oil and gas pipelines ruptured after the accident, it is possible to clearly define different areas and levels of authorities, emergency response agencies and subsea oil and gas pipeline owner, operator's responsibilities, needs What emergency resources, while supporting the clear and concise strategic plan of action. The contingency plan should also consider the possibility of expansionHealth Fitness Articles, especially with the overall contingency plan operator convergence.