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Advantages and disadvantages of spiral welded pipe
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Advantages and disadvantages of spiral welded pipe

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Advantages and disadvantages of spiral welded pipe

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Advantages of spiral welded pipe:
(1) Using strip steel of the same width can produce steel pipes of different diameters, especially narrow strip steel can be used to produce large-diameter steel pipes.
(2) Under the same pressure conditions, the stress endured by spiral welds is smaller than that of straight seams, which is 75% to 90% of straight seam welded pipes, so it can withstand greater pressure. Compared with straight seam welded pipes with the same outer diameter, the wall thickness can be reduced by 10% to 25% under the same pressure.
(3) Dimensions are accurate. Generally, the diameter tolerance does not exceed 0.12%, the deflection is less than 1/2000, and the ovality is less than 1%. Generally, the sizing and straightening processes can be omitted.
(4) It can be produced continuously. In theory, it can produce infinitely long steel pipes. The loss of head and tail cutting is small, and the metal utilization rate can be increased by 6% to 8%.
(5) Compared with straight seam welded pipes, it is flexible to operate and easy to change and adjust varieties.
(6) The equipment is light in weight and requires a low initial investment. It can be made into a trailer-type mobile unit to produce welded pipes directly at the construction site where pipelines are laid.
(7) Easy to realize mechanization and automation.

Disadvantages of spiral welded pipe:
Since the rolled strip is used as the raw material, it has a certain crescent shape, and the welding point is at the edge of the elastic strip, so it is difficult to align the welding torch, which affects the welding quality. To do this, complex weld tracking and quality inspection equipment are set up.