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Anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe cutting method
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Anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe cutting method

Update:2024-02-26   View(s):89   Keywords :spiral steel pipe, anti-corrosion steel pipe, spiral steel pipe cutting
1. Pipe cutting: Metal saws should be used for pipe cutting, and sawing machines should be used for large-diameter pipes. When using coil cutting, the rotation speed should not exceed 800r/min; the section of the pipe to be cut should be perpendicular to the axis of the pipe;
2. Preparation before pipe connection
①The metal burrs of the cut pipe port should be smoothed with a fine file;
② A special reamer should be used for water supply and drainage anti-corrosion spiral steel pipes to chamfer 1/2 of the thickness of the plastic coating layer, and the chamfering slope should be 10°-15°.
③ If the coating of the plastic-coated steel pipe is intact at the port, it should be chamfered with a sharpener; if the port is damaged, repair it (use repair fluid) until the coating is completely crack-free;
④ After rolling the groove, the plastic coating on the protruding part of the groove will be damaged and must be repaired until the coating surface is smooth and there are no cracks or damaged points;
⑤Cleaning processing should use cotton waste and brushes to remove oil, water, and metal cutting at the pipe end and inside the pipe.