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Can spiral steel pipe be used to transport tap water?
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Can spiral steel pipe be used to transport tap water?

Update:2019-07-16   View(s):228   Keywords :ssaw steel pipe, welded steel pipe, spiral welded pipe
The current use of spiral steel pipe is to be used as a tap water pipeline, so people are also accustomed to use it as a spiral steel pipe for tap water.

Spiral steel pipe for water supply for outdoor water supply Because the water supply pipe needs to be pre-buried, the anti-corrosion requirements for anti-corrosion of spiral steel pipe must have the characteristics of anti-oxidation and weak acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, the anti-corrosion of epoxy coal bitumen should be promoted by epoxy coal bitumen. Its high-quality anti-corrosion properties and low moisture resistance make it an excellent choice for anti-corrosion in pipelines.

The characteristics of epoxy coal tar pitch anti-corrosion are: solvent-free epoxy coal tar paint is composed of epoxy resin, coal tar pitch, anti-rust pigment, body pigment, auxiliary agent, and component 2 is curing agent. This product does not contain or contain trace solvents. It is mainly used for anticorrosion of steel pipe outer wall, steel components and cement components which are buried and touched on the ground. As anti-corrosion and heavy anti-corrosion coating, it has the following performance requirements: high film thickness: epoxy coal bitumen anticorrosive paint, usually coated with film thickness of 300μm Above, it is necessary to use a thick paste type or a solventless type. The ordinary type epoxy coal tar pitch paint is not suitable for heavy anti-corrosion coating, which will increase the construction cost and the coating cycle.

Construction: In heavy-duty coating, it is required that the epoxy coal tar paint can be coated with a high film thickness by airless spraying or brush coating, and does not sag. Appropriate weather resistance: After the epoxy coal tar paint is finished, the pipeline is usually stored in the open air. The proper weather resistance can ensure that the open storage will not reduce the corrosion resistance of the coating. Basic anti-corrosion performance: It has anti-microbial, good electrical insulation performance, and is resistant to corrosion under the environment of soil, sewage, moisture, damp heat, alternating heat and cold.

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