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China's Trade Stabilizing Economy Strengthens

Update:2017-03-01   View(s):1627   Keywords :SSAW steel pipe ,Welded pipe
Recently, Rwanda, Oman, Chad and jordan 4 countries to the World Trade Organization (WTO) submitted the trade facilitation agreement approval documents.
At this point, members of the agreement have been approved to have reached 112, exceeding the statutory threshold of the total number of members of the WTO required to be effective, the agreement entered into force on 2/3 and the members of the agreement have been formally implemented.
As the welded pipeSSAW steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, piling pipe, welded carbon steel pipe and other products are exported to foreign steel enterprises, shinestar group has been actively concerned about foreign trade.We believe that the entry into force of the agreement will simplify trade procedures, promote economic and trade exchanges, and thus promote global economic growth.As the world's largest trading partner of China in terms of goods, no doubt is to achieve stabilization of foreign trade and economic further strengthening major positive.
In the current background, the WTO member states through the agreement and to make its final effect, although in the short term will not let trade patterns to produce special big change, but for the world economy and international trade, the change obviously has a clear and positive signs, help to improve the environment of China's foreign trade rebounded.
Ministry of Commerce official said, on the one hand, the implementation of the agreement will contribute to the modernization of China's integrated port management system, improve the competitiveness of Chinese products and improve the environment to attract foreign investment;On the other hand, the implementation of the agreement will generally improve the level of trade facilitation of China's trading partners, creating a convenient environment for the export of Chinese products, enabling enterprises to benefit from a wide range.The expert points out, more countries to ratify the agreement shows that the current worldwide have strong demand and the desire of the advance of economic globalization, trade facilitation and trade protectionism will not easily give up.Some people think that, despite the possibility of a global outbreak of large-scale trade war in the future is unlikely, but for some companies, trade friction in some industries is likely to be more.
Shinestar Group believes that different countries, different group interests demands increasingly diversified, its degree of execution of the agreement remains to be seen.In China's case, in the future should take the lead to do a good job of the execution of the trade facilitation agreement, for domestic enterprises and overseas trading partners to provide more convenient, at the same time pay attention to maintain communication with relevant countries, industry enterprises, to ensure that everyone in the trade disputes appear to be able to properly solve problems under the WTO framework, achieve win-win situation.
It is worth noting that the recent international institutions have raised the expectations of China's economy, they believe that China's economic demand, the potential is huge, endogenous growth momentum.Especially with the revival of global demand, Chinese exports will be further improved in 2017 will show a good momentum to stabilize economic China.The agreement will increase Chinese effective economy to achieve this good expectations of confidence.
Shinestar group will also continue to focus on the dynamic Chinese foreign trade practice, the enterprise internal strength, and strive to produce better welded pipe, SSAW steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, piling pipe, welded carbon steel pipe and other products and services for more customers at home and abroad.