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Choosing ERW steel pipe is also a nice try nowadays
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Choosing ERW steel pipe is also a nice try nowadays

Update:2017-12-20   View(s):709   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

We cannot look down upon ERW steel pipe nowadays with the advanced technology in it. No doubt that lots of customers would choose seamless steel pipe if we throw cost away. However, now we can even take cost and high quality into consideration and finally get the ERW steel pipe.


Yes! That’s the power of the technology with times going on. It would be a big trouble before for the research of how to increase the welded seam impacting toughness of ERW pipe among the technology of pipe manufacture. Now with the improving of technology, it is no longer a big problem anymore. Thus, even for lots of high pressure work, we can use ERW steel pipe to deal with. Under this situation, ERW casing is applied widely in oil and gas industry and substituted for seamless tubing for its high precision, excellent properties, easy controlling of quality and low cost etc. Finally, lots of clients have seen the obvious economic and social benefit which can be achieved by using ERW to substitute seamless pipe.