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Common defects for ERW steel pipe
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Common defects for ERW steel pipe

Update:2018-03-13   View(s):246   Keywords :SSAW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe   

ERW steel pipe from Threewaysteel pipe company, with its durable function, has devoted to various engineering projects nowadays. Of course, there are some points we should take care during the production of the ERW steel pipe.


1. Inclusions (fired black oxide) : inclusions may cause the bad performance like intensity and corrosion resistance problem.

2. Pre-arc (white burn oxidation): pre-arc would have the influence for hardness of the steel pipe.

3. Lack of fusion (slotted): slotted problem has similar affects like the inclusion.

4. Edge not Fusion (wavy edge): wavy edge would have the problem of leakage if they used for some fluid or gas transportation.

5. Lack of fusion in the center (cold welding center): Cold welding center has the influence for endurance too.

6. Rod welding (welding)

7. Cast welding (weld welding)

8. Pores (pinhole)

9. Jump welding

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