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Different characters for ASTM106 and ASME106 steel pipe
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Different characters for ASTM106 and ASME106 steel pipe

Update:2018-06-25   View(s):459   Keywords :seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe   

Talking about carbon steel pipe, no matter stainless steel pipe or other types, we know comparison would be one of the important factor before choosing. Today, Threewaysteel would have an introduce for the different characters for ASTM106 and ASME106 steel pipe.

From the list above, we choose two kind of categories for comparison. They are ASTM A106 steel pipe with grade Gr.B and Gr.C; ASME SA106 steel pipe with grade grade Gr.B and Gr.C. Then we can have a vertical analysis for the chemistry components and figure out their difference. Under this situation, we can figure out the characters for all of them. Finally, we would pick up the rightful steel pipe for the engineering project we are working for.