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Drain from bridge with steel pipes
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Drain from bridge with steel pipes

Update:2017-12-07   View(s):913   Keywords :SSAW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe

We can see there are so much of waters coming from bridge when we walk under the bridge at rain day. Actually, every viaduct bridge needs the drain system made by various steel pipes like the ERW steel pipe.


Drainage from bridge must be led to the city sewer, and we can not let its natural splash together which would cause trouble for citizens as water’s everywhere. However, which kind of pipes would be a best option for its drain?


Anti-corrosion would be one of a most important factor we need to consider. Plastic would not so good for acid and alkali so we may give up it this time. And galvanized steel pipes would be one of good options among these pipes. Of course, it can also handle the problem of heat makes something expand and cold makes it contract.


Generally speaking, with the wide use of various steel pipes, they are now the pets for human being’s engineering project. 

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