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Economics of thick-walled steel pipes

Update:2020-07-02   View(s):50   Keywords :steel pipes

steel pipes

There are many other structural types of pipe fittings used in actual piping engineering to meet the requirements of various working conditions, especially special working conditions. In engineering design or selection, the higher the strength level of the pipe fittings, the higher the performance, but the greater the cost of the project, which will cause waste.


In terms of economic benefits, while meeting engineering design requirements and reducing costs as much as possible, it is often easy to form a small number of multi-variety results for the selected pipe fittings, which is not conducive to the management, regulation and design of construction materials on site. Therefore, the selection of pipe fittings should be combined with comprehensiveness and economy, and it is appropriate to reduce the variety of pipe fittings as much as possible.


In addition, factors such as the conditions of on-site construction, the level of construction, and the procurement cycle of pipe fittings should also be given importance in the selection of pipe fittings. In specific circumstances, the possibility of using on-site bending of reinforced pipe joints, miter bends and small-diameter pipes should also be considered.

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