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How to deal with the challenge we have met in steel pipe production
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How to deal with the challenge we have met in steel pipe production

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As one of the steel pipe's supplier, threeway knows clearly that we have to meet the global challenge with the coming of climate change due to the trends. No matter requirement for ERW steel pipe or other tubes, we should take strategics for production.


The challenge can be included in following aspects:

Raw materials dealing: Once we decided to produce steel pipe for customers, it is our responsibility to ensure the raw materials used in the iron making process or other pipeline’s production are of a level of quality. Thus, we can decrease the use of iron ore, coking coal and increase resource efficiency.

Improvement on transfer: Transfer of best practice performance across the industry to reduce the energy intensity of the steel making process as this affects CO2 emissions. Energy intensity can be influenced by many factors, which are manageable, as many organisations have proven.


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