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How to increase the stable performance of SSAW steel pipe

Update:2016-08-10   View(s):1108   Keywords :
1.Small and medium-sized steel,Wire rod,rebar,Medium caliber steel pipe,steel wire and steel wire rope, can be stored in a well ventilated material shed, but must cover pad.
2.Some small steel,thin steel plate, steel strip, silicon steel sheet,Small diameter or thin wall steel tube,All kinds of cold-rolled, cold drawn steel and high price, easy corrosion metal products, can be stored in the warehouse.
3.The warehouse or other place to put SSAW steel pipe,we can choose a clean, unobstructed drainage areas, far away from the harmful gas or dust factories.And to clear weeds and all debris, keep the SSAW steel pipe clean.
4.Large steel, rail, large diameter steel pipe, forgings, and so on can be stacked in the open-air stacking.
5.In the warehouse should not be with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other materials of the erosion of steel piled up together.Different varieties of steel should be stacked, to prevent confusion, and galvanic corrosion.
6.Warehouse should be selected according to geographical conditions, the general closed warehouse,with ventilation equipment warehouse.
7.The warehouse should pay attention to ventilation in sunny day, pay attention to close the door window and moisture-proof,often maintain appropriate storage environment.