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How to judge metric system steel pipe
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How to judge metric system steel pipe

Update:2018-11-08   View(s):70   Keywords :ERW Steel Pipe, ERW Line Pipe   

There would be three common system when talked about steel pipe selling. They are ton, metric ton and long ton. For metric system of steel pipe, lots of countries adopt it. So today, no matter ERW steel pipe or other types, we would meet this name.


For common carbon steel, low alloy steel with hot and cold welding can be measured by metric system. Thus, we can call them metric system welded tube. For specification, metric system can adopt the forum of outside diameter*wall thickness (mm). under this situation, we will know the result for each kind of steel pipe. At the same time, the common metric system welded tube is usually used as structural elements like axis of rotation or transporting the fluid etc. The thin-walled tube is utilized for processing furniture, lamps and lanterns. But the manufacturers need to guarantee the strength and bending of steel pipe in the processing.