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How to transport the products in storage tank
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How to transport the products in storage tank

Update:2017-11-23   View(s):598   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

There is no doubt that because of long-term storage of inflammable, explosive, poisonous and corrosive medium, storage tank is special equipment with high risk. How could we transport them safety? Sara think that seamless steel pipe may be a try for that.


The results indicate that the components in those products increase drastically the lifetime of the substrate metal in corrosive media and oxidizing atmosphere. So how could we handle this problem? Galvanized tank and steel pipe would be one of the option. Of course, we can improve the structure of the steel pipe and tank to make the modified product had good corrosion inhibition for steel in neutral or acid corrosive media. In addition, we can choose the relative steel pipes according to the research for the products needing transport.