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How to detect coated steel pipes?
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How to detect coated steel pipes?

Update:2020-04-23   View(s):89   Keywords :coated steel pipes

Coated steel pipe is based on steel pipe, and a layer of plastic anti-corrosion steel-plastic composite steel pipe is welded on the inner or outer surface of the steel pipe by spraying, rolling, dipping and suction processes.


1. Visual inspection


2. Thickness measurement


3. Pinhole test


4. Adhesion test


5. Bending test


6. Flattening test


7. Impact test


Coated steel pipes have excellent corrosion resistance and relatively low friction resistance. Epoxy-coated steel pipe is suitable for transportation of water supply and drainage, seawater, warm water, oil, gas and other media, and PVC-coated steel pipe is suitable for transportation of drainage, seawater, oil, gas and other media.