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Hurricane protection with spiral welded pipe
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Hurricane protection with spiral welded pipe

Update:2018-01-15   View(s):843   Keywords :SSAW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe

Sara had seen the typhoon and rainstorm in Zhuhai province so it is very clear to understand that people are try effort to obtain 100-year or even longer level hurricane protection for every area which is easily meeting them. Lots of places have implemented design guidelines like by using the spiral welded pipe that both good structure and economical.


First of all, due to steel pipes' hardness, it is a nice try to have concrete piles and steel pipes as the foundation for structure to against the hurricane.

What's more, due to the Geo-technical factors, we know that spiral welded pipe, with its big hole for drainage system. It can be used in hurricane place for the large quantities water supply.

In addition, compared to seamless steel pipe, spiral welded pipe would cost less than that so it is an alternative choice for engineers when they meet this kind of situation.