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I am steel pipe

Update:2017-12-26   View(s):890   Keywords :seamless steel pipe, spiral welded pipe

I'm a steel pipe. I feel that life is not unreasonable so long as one can scrape along from day to day. For surely, human would happy for the good work of steel pipe when they need water pipe like ERW steel pipe. I think it best to wait in patience for the day of the high quality steel pipe for good life service.


Compared with such complexities, steel pipes are truly simple. If we need to transport water, we transport; if we need to transport oil, we transport; if we need to be repaired, we are repaired at the shopping store; if we need to change the standards to satisfy the customer's demands, we change; if we feel tired, we cry and break and there is no work anymore. Thus we never keep thinks like diaries.

We can be replaced in water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, power industry, agricultural irrigation, urban construction. Among steel pipes, we have main occupations of work, work, work and then repair, then die...

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