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Important role in bearing for seamless steel pipe
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Important role in bearing for seamless steel pipe

Update:2017-09-22   View(s):1356   Keywords :seamless steel pipe

Since the first production of bearings in Britain in 1880, the bearing industry has gone through a long history of 122 years. With the continuous evolution of human civilization and the rapid development of science and technology, the world bearing industry has been through the weak start, difficult business, fierce competition, twists and turns, to the blossom nowadays.


According to the structure characters, we cannot ignore the important role of seamless steel pipe for the bearing industry when we talk about the glorious of it. Structural characteristics and working conditions for bearing require bearing material must have high hardness, high wear resistance, high contact fatigue strength, high elastic limit, good impact toughness, good fracture toughness, good dimensional stability, good anti-rust performance and good hot and cold processing performance. Under this situation, we should know that for the original material of the steel, it is better to choose the seamless steel pipe for its good resistance of the material. In order to make sure these performance requirements, bearing steel needs the steel quality the most stringent of all alloy steel, the largest test items of steel.


We can see the whole development in steel pipe as well as bearing industry. So they all have great role in the whole economical development.