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Improving steel industry's production efficiency
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Improving steel industry's production efficiency

Update:2017-09-26   View(s):1019   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe   

Development of steel industry is closely related to the following three aspects. First is the market, there will have a substantial volatility with the possibility of reversing. Second is the industry influence. Every enterprise is trying to improve production efficiency due to the guarantee of the selling aspects. Third is the government, there is the steady policy which would be the key point for industry development.


With the improve of steel industry performance, industrial capital began to flow into the steel industry, thus it would promote replacement of technological transformation and production capacity, and this would cause the continue growth in future steel production. One-stop service steel providers Shinestar has been focusing on technological transformation, so that the production quality and efficiency increasing all the time, now we have even introduced of spiral pipe, spiral steel pipe, 3pe anti-corrosion spiral and other products, which was highly recognized by the tube industry and the market. At present, the central government is strictly forbidden to build new steel production capacity projects, but allows capacity replacement to eliminate inefficient equipment, and the new project is more efficient, and some provinces have begun to support cross-regional capacity replacement.