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Inflatable pipe purging system unvieled in May

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Chrome steel pipe joints used in the power industry for high pressure,high strengh pipework,need to be pre-heated for welding and also require a post weld heat treatment.the same as the some high strength stainless steel weld joints.Weld joints of this nature need to be purged of oxygen and welded in an inert atmosphere,to prevent joints from loss of corrosion resistance and imperfection in the joint metallurgy. most weld purging systems are unsuitable in this high temperatures and strengthen tempaeratures. a new  HotPurge Inflatable Pipe Purging System have been unvieled now which can be bear the the temperatures might be as high as 760OC (1,400 OF) for many hours.

HotPurge Systems are manufactured to suit pipe diameters from 6 to 96-in (150 to 2,440mm) and both inflatable dams have pull handles securely sewn with high temperature resistant Kevlar thread that will withstand a pulling force of 1,000lb.

These HotPurge Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging Systems can be used repeatedly for weld purging and will keep the oxygen levels below 100 parts per million (ppm) throughout the welding cycle, ensuring oxide and coke free welds, without the metallurgical imperfections caused by exposure to too much oxygen.

HotPurge is manufactured as standard with PurgeGate to prevent over inflation of, and damage to the dams. No matter how high the user increases the pressure in order to deliver more gas flow, PurgeGate prevents too much pressure being delivered to the inflatable dams, but allows the increased flow, should it be required, to achieve a lower oxygen level, or for faster cooling of the weld zone.

The purge space remains tightly sealed at all times as the inflatable seals maintain an even seal throughout the weld cycle, irrespective of pressure rises or excessive flow rates of argon gas.

The large central collar dramatically reduces the space to be purged and makes it easier to reach the lower oxygen levels faster than with conventional purging systems. Each HotPurge System incorporates an innovative central band for easy positioning inside the pipe. This band, known as RootGlo will illuminate inside the dark pipe, for up to 20 hours, with only 10 minutes previous exposure to daylight.