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Inspection steps for straight seam steel pipes
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Inspection steps for straight seam steel pipes

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Inspection steps for straight seam steel pipes

Update:2024-01-26   View(s):89   Keywords :Inspection steps for straight seam steel pipes
Since straight seam steel pipes are inseparable from human life and production activities, the production technology of the straight seam steel pipe industry not only develops rapidly but also introduces new ones. Straight seam steel pipe production occupies an irreplaceable position in the steel industry. The development of straight seam steel pipe production technology began in the construction manufacturing industry. The development of oil in the early 19th century, the manufacturing of ships, boilers, and aircraft during the two world wars, the manufacturing of thermal power boilers after the First World War, the development of the chemical industry, and the drilling and transportation of petroleum gas all strongly promoted the direct The development of the seam steel pipe industry in terms of variety, output, and quality.

Inspection steps for straight seam steel pipes:
1. Straight seam steel pipes should be submitted for acceptance in batches, and the batching rules should comply with the provisions of the corresponding product standards.
2. The inspection items, sampling quantity, sampling locations, and test methods of straight seam steel pipes shall be by the provisions of the corresponding product standards. With the purchaser's consent, hot-rolled seamless straight-seam steel pipes can be sampled in batches according to the rolling root number.
3. When the straight-seam steel pipe test results show that a certain item does not meet the requirements of the product standard, the unqualified ones should be singled out, and double the number of samples should be taken from the same batch of straight-seam steel pipes to test the unqualified items. recheck. If the re-inspection results (including any indicator required for the test of the project) are unqualified, the batch of straight seam steel pipes shall not be delivered. If the following inspection items fail the initial inspection, re-inspection is not allowed:
1) There are white spots in the low-magnification tissue;
2) Microstructure.
4. For straight-seam steel pipes with unqualified re-inspection results (including items with unqualified microstructure as a result of the initial inspection and re-inspection is not allowed), the supplier may submit them for acceptance one by one; or re-heat treatment (the number of re-heat treatments shall not exceed two times) ), submit a new batch for acceptance.
5. If there are no special provisions in product standards, the chemical composition of straight seam steel pipes shall be inspected according to the melting composition.

There are often two options for straight-seam steel pipes in industrial production. One option is to use ordinary straight-seam steel pipes, and the other option is straight-seam steel pipes with better performance. In long-term production practice, companies have generally reached a consensus that this kind of straight-seam steel pipe with multiple characteristics is superior to ordinary straight-seam steel pipes in many aspects. The reason why this kind of straight seam steel pipe is slightly better than ordinary straight seam steel pipe is mainly because this kind of straight seam steel pipe has several characteristics that ordinary straight seam steel pipe does not have.

One of these properties is the high friction resistance of the straight-seam steel pipe itself. Straight seam steel pipes in pipeline transportation often need to withstand a lot of friction. During the pipeline operation, friction is often generated in the elbow part when the material passes through the pipeline, especially when pipelines transport solid materials. When the pipe is in the straight seam steel pipe, it will generate impact and friction. These impacts and friction are likely to cause great damage to the straight seam steel pipe. Ordinary straight-seam steel pipes often cannot withstand such impact and friction, but the use of Yuanda ceramic wear-resistant elbows can greatly improve the elbow's ability to withstand impact and friction.