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Intelligent Manufacturing Become a New Breakthrough in 2017

Update:2017-02-27   View(s):1458   Keywords :SSAW steel pipe ,Welded pipe
Before released by the State Council "Chinese manufacturing 2025", is the implementation of manufacturing power strategy in China for the first ten years of the program of action, which was identified as the main direction of intelligent manufacturing, its purpose is to change the manufacturing industry of our country is long-term "big but not strong" situation.
According to reports, intelligent manufacturing is a new generation of information technology based on throughout all aspects of design, production, management, service and other manufacturing activities, with the depth of information self perception, self decision, optimization of general intelligence precise control of advanced manufacturing system since the implementation of the functions of the. Intelligent manufacturing carrier and the key part in the intelligent manufacturing as the core, end-to-end data stream based, network interconnection with the support of intelligent plant, can effectively shorten the development cycle, reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency and reduce the consumption of resources.
In 2017, the two sessions on the local, intelligent manufacturing by many geothermal. As the SSAW steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, api 5l steel pipe,welded carbon steel pipe, welded pipe and other products manufacturers, Shinestar group analysis that a new breakthrough in intelligent manufacturing will become the manufacturing industry.
Our intelligent manufacturing has just started, but has great potential for future development, the previously released " Chinese intelligent manufacturing industry research and investment forecast in 2016 to 2020" shows that last year China has established 40 intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprises increased to 63 last year. However, in the rapid development of China's intelligent manufacturing at the same time, the report believes that the current majority of enterprises in China's intelligent manufacturing is still in the stage of development, only 16% of the enterprises to enter the application stage.
Due to the lack of intelligent manufacturing industry standards and norms, cross platform, cross system integration applications, the need to solve many complex standards, and some even want to push down again. Shinestar group believes that China's intelligent manufacturing standard system is not perfect mainly in two aspects, one is still not set up a complete intelligent manufacturing frame; and the second is intelligent manufacturing related things, big data, cloud computing, industrial robots (300024) and other key technology development path is not clear, standard the product is not unified, poor compatibility of different manufacturers, integrated high degree of difficulty.
Our country must establish a national unified intelligent manufacturing technology standard system, but also to strengthen international cooperation, with major developed countries to develop international standards. Of course, between the establishment of intelligent manufacturing standards by enterprises is not enough, the government must play a good role in the top-level design, fully coordinating the work of many departments, committees, industry associations, to form a joint force to promote the development of uniform standards for intelligent manufacturing.