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Large diameter steel pipe forming method
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Large diameter steel pipe forming method

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Large diameter steel pipe forming method

Update:2023-12-01   View(s):192   Keywords :Large diameter steel pipe forming method
1. Hot push expansion method: push expansion equipment is simple, low cost, convenient maintenance, economical and durable, and flexible product specifications. If you are required to prepare large-diameter steel pipes and other similar products, you only need to add some accessories. It is appropriate for the production of medium and thin-walled and large-diameter steel pipes, as well as thick-walled pipes that do not exceed the capacity of the equipment.

2. Hot extrusion method: The bullet needs to be pre-processed before extrusion. When extruding pipes with a diameter of less than 100mm, the equipment investment is low, the material waste is small, and the technology is relatively mature. However, once the pipe diameter size increases, the hot extrusion method requires considerable tonnage and high power equipment, and the corresponding control system must be upgraded.

3. Hot piercing and rolling method: Hot piercing and rolling are mainly longitudinal rolling extensions and cross rolling extensions. Longitudinal rolling and extensive rolling are mainly limited-moving mandrel continuous tube rolling, few-stand-restricted mandrel continuous rolling tube rolling, three-roll restricted mandrel continuous rolling tube rolling, and floating mandrel continuous rolling tube rolling. These methods have superior production efficiency, low metal consumption, good products, control systems, and increasingly wide applications.