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Love means never having to say your SSAW steel pipe is sorry for us
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Love means never having to say your SSAW steel pipe is sorry for us

Update:2018-01-10   View(s):258   Keywords :SSAW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe   

A confession coming from SSAW steel pipe touches me deeply. She said that she was afraid of being rejected due to the short-back of my unstable of pressure taking like the seamless steel pipe and so on.


As your friend, I would like to say that thank you. Without you, our life would not be so easy and colorful. With your various categories of different grades like S235JRH / S275JOH/S275J2H /S355JOH/ S355J2H and so on, you have brought us more convenience when we need you to do the transportation work for water, oil and gas in not only the hot day but also the cold day.

It is you suffered the pain of Chemical Component Analysis, Mechanical Properties (Ultimate tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation), Technical Properties (Flattening Test, Bending Test and came around us and serviced us. We would give our gratitude for you.


So there is no sorry for us. It is the love you giving for us.