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Manufacturer and supplier of API 5L Steel Pipe
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Manufacturer and supplier of API 5L Steel Pipe

Update:2017-10-26   View(s):1285   Keywords :seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe

Good news for threewaysteel pipe enterprise is the gain of Certificate of Authority to use the Official API Monogram License Number: 5L-1132. Under this situation, we can supply you with prime quality and high grade API 5L welded pipe like ERW steel pipe if you are looking for it now.  


We can take an detailed example for that. We are familiar with API SPEC 5L steel pipes and its main usage is its specification would provide standards for pipe suitable for use in conveying gas, water, and oil in the natural gas and oil industries. Thus, with suitable pressure taking and suitable length, ERW steel pipe would provide our clients convenience. Of course, the API SPEC 5L covers seamless and welded steel line pipe. And seamless steel pipe would have more advantages for transporting oil and gas. Meanwhile, it includes plain-end, threaded-end, and belled-end pipe, as well as through-the-flowline (TFL) pipe, and pipe with ends prepared for use with special couplings, so customers would choose the right one according to their engineering project.