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Method for detecting leakage of galvanized steel pipe underground water supply pipe

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1. Confirm the leaking section by closing the valve and observe the ground to confirm the leaking point.

Confirm that the valve can be closed completely. According to our experience, more than 70% of domestic valves, especially those installed after 1,2 years, are difficult to close. If the valve can be closed, you can confirm the approximate area of water leakage, and take a closer look. The state of the ground above the pipes in this area is not sinking, especially wet, and whether there is stable clear water in the sewer next to it.

This leak detection method is suitable for the general public, and the technical content is not high, but it is difficult to accurately locate the leak point, the excavation area is large, and it is easy to cause misexcavation.

2.Listen to the sound

At 2 in the morning, when the night is quiet, when the surroundings are very quiet, follow the pipe slowly. If there is a large amount of water leakage, there is a certain probability that the sound of water leakage can be heard.

Useful for leaky points with shallow burial and large water leakage,

Third, use a professional listening rod, leak detector

This is generally a professional instrument that only professional leak detection companies are equipped with. Listening rods and leak detectors share the same goal. Experienced leak detection personnel can use them to accurately locate some leak points. The buried depth is about 1.5 meters, and the leakage is not It can work in a lot of situations.