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Note for The Anticorrosion SSAW Steel Pipe

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First,Whether one should look for groundwater, construction time and rain come in contact with pipe, the pipe if water comes into contact with the pipe after the coat dry processing.
Second, at the same time in the installation of pipes, should be light light, collision and falling is prohibited.
Three, insulation, heat preservation pipe prohibition and burning fire to collision, to prevent the thermal insulation layer was burned down.
Four, pipe fittings should be stored in a relatively flat ground, neatly packed, pieces of not more than 1.5 m.

Anticorrosion spiral steel pipe application:
Anticorrosion SSAW Steel Pipe is mainly used in underground or underwater steel oil, gas, water supply, heat supply pipeline outer wall corrosion, can also be applied to all kinds of steel structure, port, ship, sluices, gas tank, oil refining chemical plant equipment corrosion and concrete pipe, sewage pool, the roof waterproof layer, toilet, basement waterproofing of concrete structure and leakage, etc.

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