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Precautions for hot-dip steel pipe
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Precautions for hot-dip steel pipe

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Precautions for hot-dip steel pipe

Update:2020-09-15   View(s):23   Keywords :Precautions for hot-dip steel pipe

Precautions for hot-dip steel pipes: The pipes that transport hot water can transport cold water, but the pipes that transport cold water cannot transport hot water. The cross-section of the plastic-coated composite pipe shall not be in contact with water, non-plastic lined pipe fittings shall not be used instead of plastic-lined pipe fittings, and plastic-coated pipe fittings in malleable cast iron pipe fittings shall not be used. The convex threaded steel flange shall have injection joints, special transition pieces and The threaded connection of the valve port adopts a special transition piece, the connection with the water supply bolt adopts a special rubber sealing ring, and the groove connection adopts a special rubber sealing ring.


Hot-dip plastic pipes shall not be thrown or hit violently during transportation. When loading and unloading, use nylon straps for hoisting. Hot-dip plastic steel pipes should be stacked indoors or in a cool place. When storing in the open air, it should be covered with a rain shed, away from heat and fire. Do not stack them for a long time outdoors in direct sunlight and severe cold. Do not mix with toxic and hazardous substances.