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President Speech on 4th Sept.

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If the enterprise want to take the "innovation" as one of the most important cultural concept, we have to encourage inter-departmental communication and cooperation, also multiple background fusion.

General Manager Talk on 4th Sept.
The most important thinking of the internet is the user thinking. User thinking refers to consider all aspects of the value chain with " User-Centric". As the manufacturer, should to build "User-Centric" enterprise culture from all aspects of the entire value chain, only depth understanding of user can survive. No agreement , no contract. 

Manager Afternoon Tea on 11th Sept.
The importance of follow up customer: 
a. Low probability to get the customer after one-time talk
b. Around 80% achieved in the follow-up
c. Sales can be increased greatly by using correct ways and skills of follow-up
d. Follow-up is an important way to improve sales capabilities
e. To establish relationship and goodwill as center
f. Taking solve customer problems and offer good service as center
g. Taking struck the deal as center

The Front Line of Business  3rd September
We should make a further talk for the product after-sales service,product quality,delivery or other unclear point with the customer who we have quoted without any feedback. The biggest problem that customers have concerned about is price. In order to reassure customers, we can focus on introducing the price advantage,flexible payment methods and preferential policies to make our customers feel good value for money. 
In communication, we do suggest use some flexible language and emphasize the return, such as”If you determine the order, we can apply to company for a 1% discount. If you can cash delivery, we can give a 4% discount price or you place a substantial order, we will reduce our price by 3%. This will allow customer to have a better understanding for our products and leave some leeway for the price. Remember, only the better service and superior product quality can win customers. In the above several stages of communication, we should control the communication interval according to the difference of the purchase intention. Customers interested in buying, we should track more frequently to ask whether the customer decided to purchase, about telephone connection once in two days. It will complete the order about 3 to 5 times communication. If the customer are hesitated on whether to buy or not,our interval should maintain twice in a week. They will become interested customers after 4 to 7 times communication, and then through follow-up phone call of 2 to 3 times to finish the order. The  condition that customers do not purchase the product recently does not mean they will not buy in the future,so we need keep in touch with them(about once in 2 to 3 weeks). One the one hand, we can establish a good relationship with customers. One the other hand, we can know the customer demand timely so that sale products better. 

HR Forum 
Enterprises must pay attention to organizational credit. If promised rewards and punishments are not fulfilled, which will mislead employees’ think that no rewards even get the target and no punishments even if the objectives not fulfilled or made big mistakes. Therefore, as the manager of the enterprise, it is important to pay attention to the organizational credit. Do "words must line, line will fruit."