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President Talk on April 24, 2016
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President Talk on April 24, 2016

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For small business, it is the best way to be able to do market segments better than competitor, such as sub-groups or sub-category. Specifically, study more specific needs of these sub-groups or areas, or do more better on details, do more less on function. Therefore, to defeat the opponents do not increase, but decrease until can not less any more.

General Manager Learning on April 24, 2016 Leadership = “leading”+ “guidance

a. Leaders should have the overall concept, strategic vision and an open mind.

b. Leaders need to have the courage to take responsibility.

c. Trust subordinates.

d. Everyone is equal before the system and executive leadership to do system leaders.

e. The company’s interests always come first.

Marketing is a psychological process of accessing customer trust. Without trust, there is no deal. All marketing entrance is based on "people" as a starting point, all the factors to clinching a deal can be attributed to "trust". In promotion process, we must put ourselves in a person's point of view, only in this way, we will produce social relationship with customer.  And this relationship is also the basic way that people connect. In a simple way, if you use QQ to do promotion, you must add more true basic information, so that customers will have a psychological sense of reality in the same time. The rhythm of the communication is also the communication between person and person.

Through previous communication, after a customer fully understand you, that is to know your company scale, product advantages, and can bring any benefits after purchase products and so on, this process is the establishment of a trust relationships, also can produce effect of acquaintances. In fact, this theory will be talked about a lot of places, but on the actual work, we are very easy to ignore, or we do not begin with this level, the promotion stage of too much work, after a long time will form a mind-set. Analysis of target customers, attaches great importance to the user experience degrees, standing in customer perspective, highlight the problem for customers more concerned, through the promotion, to establish good trust relationship with customers, which is perhaps the most effective method of clinch a deal. Of course, to do this job should pay a lot of effort.

The forefront of business on April 11, 2016 in the customer first under network economic environment, employees should be closest to the customer enterprise's biggest authority. Employee's role change and reposition employee value, determines the change in the way employee management. With emphasis on the environment, customer experience is the most close to the customer the most say. Some exaggerated said that, in the past workers listen to leadership, now listen to the customer's employees, leading to listen to employees. Like the United States in the war by means of information technology, a line of soldiers not only is the ordinary soldiers carry submachine gun rushed forward, but also an information terminal, the front line of information in the first place to the headquarters, headquarters in a timely manner to provide fire support.

Two of a trade never agrees which always be regarded as the truth in marketing.  People always talk bad about the product of their competitor, but both of them were weakened by the cutthroat competition. Customers are smart enough to see the things beyond the surface, they surely understand that can not do business with such kind of person who have low quality and greedy for profit. There is an old story saying that a professional farmer whose produce always won local award. Usually people like to keep the best thing for themselves, but it didn’t happen to the farmer. He gift his good seed to neighbors on farmland every year. Somebody don’t understand and asked him why he did that?  He answered that, ”If I keep the high-yielding seed myself only , then the low-yielding corn around my farmland would effect my corn at pollination period, which will lead to my low production. But all of us get high production after I shared high-yielding seed. It is win-win”.  

What is marketing?  What is management?  What is operation? Given medicine harvesting heath, given money gain wealth, given wise gain wisdom.  

Identify problems is more crucial than solving problems, find root of the problem is more crucial than where to find the problem. If you can not find the root, there is no way to solve it, prevent it, it may lead to greater risks.

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