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President speech at the meeting of manager: recession means opportunity for a good company

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Nowadays, the economic developed very intensive, but the most intense time is the best moment, because some enterprise disappearance faster in the intensive period. The survived is the best. It is proved that the old development style and traditional competitive edge would limited the development of enterprise. So that it is important to managers find the way to do self-transformation.

In the changing environment, many industries have encountered unprecedented difficulties, which confirmed my think that 2016 is a opportunity to innovation for good companies. Because the competitive became intense day by day after 2015, we realized that innovative business model is important, close to customer is important, self-transformation is important.


a.The efficiency of winning  

If the environment is the best chance, what kind of enterprise can get the chance to win business.? It is the enterprise efficiency to win.The whole market growth is not obvious or decline,the internal structure of the industry changes or adjustment will be accelerated, it is eliminated which will give some opportunities, The whole market growth is not obvious or decline, industry internal structure change, or adjustment will accelerate, also will give some chance is eliminated, rely on what industry adjust, depends on the efficiency, on the layout, the same thing, you do faster than others, do early will be successful.

b.Mode innovation  

When the enterprise has its own pattern, others difficult to learn, because the model is a system engineering, is a systematic solution, but also advantages of the enterprise itself. If find new business models, this time is your opportunity, you don't even have opponents. c.Take your own 

If it is not the era of change, you will be staring at the opponent to do. In a relatively stable market, everyone in the snatch growth, is actually in the fight at competition. Changes of the times, you have to stare at their customers, let yourself live, you must follow the logic of your own understanding of customers do you need to clear its own way, without interference or external competitors. The changes of the times, you do not need to consider the competitors, because the competition is changing, he will become what you do not know, nor he knows some of the time, this is the theory of relativity, so you have to hold your rhythm.


To clear their own direction, adhere to the customer together, with the action, which is a good company's three main features, let us work together to become a good company, in order to win market opportunities.