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Roll cage tubing
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Roll cage tubing

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Roll cage tubing

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Car roll cage is a removable pipe assembly. It uses cold drawn carbon seamless steel pipe bending together, one by one, when installed in accordance with the outline of interior connection or welding. If you remove the body shell, which is seen by a number of steel tubes to build a metal cage. Steel roll cage material used and the degree of resistance to distortion, which is based on body weight may be generally more than two times to be able to withstand the impact of body weight. Due to a relatively flat track race road, basically no gap, and field and cross country rally winding road in contrast, carried out in the event of a rollover, it will be larger body damage. Therefore, higher strength and cross-country rally car racing rollcage, tube structure is more dense. Professionally installed rollcage addition to cope with unforeseen circumstances, can also serve to strengthen the body strength and resistance to distortion of the role. For example, several welding position rollcage suspension with front and rear seats are connected, even if the vehicle is frequently jump, the impact will be dispersed from the ground part of the anti-roll holder, so that the body would play a protective role.


In simple terms, rollcage is anti-roll bar consists of a main or side, a front anti-roll bar, support and connect a rear portion consisting of a frame structure. The main anti-roll bars must be an approximate vertical frame structure or ring structure, behind the front seat of the vehicle crossing over; anti-roll bars front anti-roll bar and the main subject is similar, but it does not block the line of sight, shaping to be along the A-pillar proceed and must be on the top of the windshield, its main purpose is both to ensure the strength, and as far as possible, without prejudice riders; main or side of the anti-roll bars and front anti-roll bars have their own production as a whole, from top to bottom of each bar There shall be no connection points. Rollcage production quality at stake, even though there is currently a lot of self-welding roll cage, exterior looks are similar, but the actual effect is very different, the regular production must take into account the contact angle with the design, materials and manufacturing workers , so that it can at the time of the accident, to take responsibility to protect the body and the staff, we also often hear someone vehicle accident intact, but the skeleton event driving puncture injuries but was distorted, which is called the distinction between Orthodox and non-Orthodox, of course, We do not need research to race specification is so professional, but if you intend to install the rollcage owners, or to consider the best quality in addition to price, because in addition to looking outside, security is the most primitive way to preserve one rollcage.

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