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Seamless steel pipe with great development space
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Seamless steel pipe with great development space

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Seamless steel pipe with great development space

Update:2020-03-18   View(s):131   Keywords :Seamless steel pipe with great development space

Among many high-quality pipe materials, seamless steel pipes are the most worth mentioning. This type of pipe materials not only has a clear market advantage, but also has many fields that can be applied. This typical hollow section pipe material can not only transport a variety of fluids, but also serve as a medium for transporting oil and natural gas. Overall, the advantages of this type of pipe material are very obvious. The market share of seam steel pipes will continue to increase, becoming a practical and intensive pipe material.


The delivery state of seamless steel pipes is generally delivered after heat treatment in the hot rolled state. Because the hot-rolled seamless steel pipe has to be hand-selected by the staff after quality inspection, and every step is perfected to achieve excellence. After the quality inspection, the surface is oiled, and then several cold-drawing experiments are performed. After the hot rolling treatment, the perforation experiment is performed. If the perforation diameter is too large, straightening correction is required. After straightening, it is transferred from the conveyor to the flaw detector for flaw detection experiments. This step is also essential. Finally, the label is placed, the specifications are arranged, and then it is placed in the warehouse. Through this series of steps, it is to better ensure the quality of seamless steel pipes before leaving the factory.


From a more long-term perspective, because of the wide range of applications, the future development trend of seamless steel pipes is very good, not only has been recognized in many fields, but also the price-performance ratio of seamless steel pipes is also very high. It is because of the advantages of various aspects that this pipeline material can have such a high market value and get better development opportunities.