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Selection of welding skills for stainless steel pipe fittings
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Selection of welding skills for stainless steel pipe fittings

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Selection of welding skills for stainless steel pipe fittings

Update:2022-12-29   View(s):72   Keywords :Selection of welding skills for stainless steel pipe fittings
1. Argon arc welding is a welding technique that uses argon as a shielding gas. Also known as argon gas-shielded welding. It is to pass argon protective gas around the arc welding to isolate the air from the welding area and prevent the oxidation of the welding area. Argon arc welding technology is based on the principle of ordinary arc welding, using argon gas to protect the metal welding material, and through high current to make the welding material melt into a liquid state on the base material to be welded to form a molten pool, so that the welded metal and the welding material It is a welding technology that achieves the metallurgical combination of materials. Since argon gas is continuously supplied during high-temperature fusion welding, the welding materials cannot be in contact with oxygen in the air, thereby preventing the oxidation of the welding materials. Therefore, stainless steel and iron metals can be welded.

2. Electrode arc welding is the most widely used welding method in industrial production. Its principle is to use the heat generated by arc discharge (commonly known as arc combustion) to melt the electrode and the workpiece and form a weld after condensation to obtain a firm joint. welding process. Arc welding has a wide range of applications, such as excavator bucket teeth, loader shovel blades, bulldozer blades, crushers, screw conveyors, mixer blades, railway rails, forging hammers, rims of transmission gears, various molds, Crushers, ball mills, machine tools, etc.

3. In the selection of welding techniques for stainless steel pipe fittings, arc welding is better from an economic point of view and flexibility. In terms of efficiency, argon arc welding is of course higher, the effect is better, and it is more mechanized. If it is a small batch, arc welding will be selected.

4. The quality of argon arc welding is high, but the efficiency is low. The efficiency of electrode arc welding is relatively high, and the quality is medium. Generally, pipes with a thickness of 10mm are argon arc welding for the bottom, and the electrodes are filled to cover the surface. If the pipe is relatively thin, just directly Use argon arc welding.