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Selection principle of building water supply steel pipe
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Selection principle of building water supply steel pipe

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Selection principle of building water supply steel pipe

Update:2022-05-07   View(s):337   Keywords :Selection principle of building water supply steel pipe
Water supply steel pipe plays an important role in people's lives, requiring it to be hygienic, environmentally friendly, durable, etc. When water supply steel pipe is used in building structures, people must choose water supply steel pipe in combination with architectural factors and environmental factors.

1. The choice should be based on building decoration standards. If it is a relatively high-end commercial house, it will generally use relatively high-grade pipes, while rough houses will choose relatively cheap pipes.

2. Consider the building life. Generally speaking, the lifespan of high-rise buildings is 100 years, and that of multi-story buildings is 50 years. Therefore, the selected pipes should be matched with them. For houses that have already lived in, it is more difficult to replace the water supply pipes, and it is necessary to cut off the water and destroy the decoration. , or choose a pipe with longer life.

3. To consider the water temperature and water quality, the water temperature, can be divided into cold water pipes and hot water pipes, and from the perspective of water quality, it can be divided into general drinking water pipelines and drinking water pipelines.

4. Considering the use occasions, such as the pipes used in the pump room, which are subject to vibration and water hammer impact, metal pipes are generally used, as well as pressurized risers and water supply main pipes as the main pipes, and metal pipes are generally used. . The inlet branch pipe can be a metal pipe or a plastic pipe.

5. There are two kinds of laying methods: open and dark laying. If it is laid outdoors, the plastic water pipes are easily exposed to the eyes, which will accelerate the aging, and some soft plastic pipes are not suitable for indoor open laying, and they will be deformed by thermal expansion and cold contraction. Concealed pipes should be installed in pipe caves or embedded in walls.

6. Choose according to pipe diameter, joint connection method, etc.