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Six main categories for steel pipe(2)
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Six main categories for steel pipe(2)

Update:2019-02-12   View(s):208   Keywords :seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, steel pipeline   

We’ve listed three main types of steel pipe for customers in last essay. They are standard pipe which contains seamless steel pipe and welded pipeline; line pipe and Oil Country Tubular Goods. Today, we will show friends another three categories of it.


Pressure Tubing: Used among industrial and pressure application, pressure tubing are produced using seamless manufacturing.

Mechanical tubing: Used for mechanical and structural application and is produced by ERW and seamless manufacturing. They conform to ASTM specification.

Structural Tubing: Used for support or retention purpose. This tubing can be round or square and are produced by ERW manufacturing. They are used for fences, construction and other misc. support needs.