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Stainless steel tube: What kinds of polishing are there?
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Stainless steel tube: What kinds of polishing are there?

Update:2019-07-04   View(s):183   Keywords :stainless steel tube, ss tube, 304,316 stainless steel pipes
At present, the same polishing process on the market is basically suitable for the polishing process of stainless steel pipes. The stainless steel pipe series derived from the 304 series has good adaptability to the surface polishing process, and the processing effect is very excellent. The current polishing type grades are mainly divided into: outer surface #400/#600, hair surface and matte surface.

1, oil brush drawing
The stainless steel pipe processed by oil brush is mainly used for the decoration of elevators and some home appliance furniture. The effect after oil brushing and drawing is very beautiful, and has good decorative effect. The oil sanding wire is also divided into filament and short wire. For the decoration of hair accessories such as elevators, filaments will be selected, while small appliances or some furniture decorations will choose short filaments.

2, dry grinding and drawing
Dry-brushed wire drawing does not hit the processing equipment, and the operation is simple and quick, and the surface to be used is relatively wide. Generally, the stainless steel pipe can exhibit a good effect after a dry-brushing process.

3, 8K processing
8K processing has low cost and low price, and in the continuous development, the current 8K processing technology of nitric acid with iron oxide red is welcomed by the industry. The current technical process can achieve 8K processing on the cold-rolled surface of stainless steel tube. The effect of one time can achieve the mirror effect.